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Bread Pigeon

Bread Pigeon

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Please note: Product colors may vary, and you will receive either a gray or white unpainted model. The picture shown is for illustrative purposes only.


Introducing our whimsical 3D Printed Pigeon Bread Hat Sculpture, a delightful addition to your home decor that will bring a touch of humor and charm. This unique creation features a lovable pigeon donning a tiny piece of bread as a necklace, adding a playful and lighthearted vibe to any space. Meticulously crafted through advanced 3D printing, the intricate details of the pigeon's feathers and the bread hat are captured with precision, making it a conversation starter and a visual treat. Whether placed on a shelf, desk, or tabletop, this quirky sculpture is sure to bring a smile to your face and spark joy in your surroundings. Elevate your home with a dash of personality and a touch of whimsy with our Pigeon Bread Hat Sculpture.

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