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Lich Gaming Mug with Twist-Off Cover: Dual-Purpose Dice and Beverage Can Holder

Lich Gaming Mug with Twist-Off Cover: Dual-Purpose Dice and Beverage Can Holder

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Please note: Product colors may vary, and you will receive either a gray or white unpainted model. The picture shown is for illustrative purposes only.



  • Threaded mug and screw top lid made from PLA plastic
  • Mug insert for use with 12oz cans


Introducing the Lich Dice Mug: an enigmatic and versatile accessory that seamlessly combines the functionality of a dice container with the practicality of a can holder. Crafted for those who embrace the dark arts, command the forces of the undead, and embody the essence of eternal power, this extraordinary mug draws inspiration from the formidable Lich character in the realm of fantasy role-playing.

The true essence of the Lich Dice Mug lies in its captivating design. Adorned with intricate motifs of skeletal remains, ancient sigils, and ethereal energies, it embodies the aura of the undead and the mastery of forbidden magics. Each sip from the mug immerses you in the realm of the Lich, empowering your sorcery and enveloping you in an atmosphere of otherworldly power.

But the Lich Dice Mug offers more than just aesthetic allure. Concealed within the mug is a hidden dice compartment, ensuring that your dice are always within your grasp. No longer will you need to interrupt your dark rituals or search for dice amidst your grim artifacts. With the Lich Dice Mug, you can effortlessly roll the dice, intertwining fate with your necromantic presence.

Versatility is an inherent quality of the Lich Dice Mug. Its dual-purpose functionality effortlessly transforms it from a dice container to a practical can holder. Simply add the insert and it becomes a secure resting place for your favorite canned beverage. The mug's insulating properties will keep your drink at the perfect temperature, allowing you to savor a moment of respite as you delve deeper into the secrets of the arcane.

Embrace the spirit of the Lich, a master of the undead and a harbinger of doom, as you wield the Lich Dice Mug. Let it become an extension of your dark essence, symbolizing your command over necromancy and your pursuit of eternal power. Elevate your gaming experience and immerse yourself in a world of forbidden knowledge, knowing that the Lich Dice Mug stands as a testament to your sinister sorcery and your reign of terror.

Note: Dice and canned beverage not included.

Warning: Not for direct food or beverage storage (Cans are okay though!). Do not exceed temperatures of 100+ degrees Fahrenheit.

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